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The Use of Ergonomics in Modern Technology

The world today is at the highest peak of technology and development since the birth of humanity. We have never had such a level of comfort and technological advancement in the palm of our hands, our homes, and in business. And ergonomics can be defied as a science that studies and designs products and tools that are comfortable and easy to use. The beginning of this science was around the same time as the beginning of our history and we see that we continued to incorporate it even in the most modern technologies.

User-friendly Products

If we are to look at modern society to see which technological devices are the most used, we will quickly see that cell phones and smart phones are all over the place. The main problem here is the difference between generations and how each individual copes with the advancement of technology. Go back 20 years and cell phones were very primitive and heavy but yet very easy to use. Now our smartphones can play multiple roles in our lives and can actually increase our quality of life. The use of ergonomics here is in making them easy to use and harmless to the user, regardless of age or ability. There were many cases at the beginning of 2000 when people had “BlackBerry thumbs” because of the metal edges of that particular smartphone. Cellphones are now designed to be as easy to use as possible in order to be used by as many people without injury.

Adapting to the anatomical shape

There are many gadgets that require us to wear them on our bodies in order to work. Smartwatches, fitness watches, blood glucose detectors and so on. Modern technology tries to make them as comfortable and durable as possible. The first blood glucose sensors were large, heavy and extremely uncomfortable and this is why they were not a very big hit in the beginning. Now they are about the size of a coin and they can be easily placed on the skin in hidden areas. Because of this they are used more and more and new and better models are being produced every day. Another example is the standard keyboard. We can type better, faster and easier thanks to improvements in the design of the buttons and the overall layout is more ergonomically centered.

Making them easy to carry and wear

There are many devices that started off poorly in the beginning by being heavy and hard to use. Laptops are a good example of ergonomics adapting with modern technology. Now we have computers that weigh just a few pounds or even less, whereas they used to be bulky and almost impossible to carry around. Headphones are another good example. What was once large pieces of equipment is now a device as small as coin that is lightweight and easy to carry around. Ergonomics are a key aspect in making modern technology work because we are now used to comfort in our everyday. If a product is bulky and uncomfortable, we will simply not use it.