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The Use of Ergonomics in Business

Business is a competitive and fast pace environment, whether you own a business or work for one you know that staying on top of your game is both difficult and essential. The competition is so high that you always have to strive to be better and better. Ergonomics started as a science more than 2000 years ago when people started to search for better methods of working in fields and producing weapons. There are many that say that war and business are sides of the same coin. In many points this is true and one of the common issues is the use of ergonomics.

Working Environment

A key point in making a successful business is having a good working space. For example, if you are managing or owning a company, it is a very good idea to take into consideration the way your workers spend their day at the job. Leaving your workers to stand for many hours is not a good idea because besides the fact that they won’t be as efficient, they can also develop work-related diseases. A great way in which you can incorporate ergonomics in your business is by offering suitable places in the office for employees to rest so that they don’t suffer while working.


There are many entrepreneurs that think that working without a pause is the key to success. Well, the truth is that this strategy is not suitable for successful work. Taking breaks every 2 hours or even more often is a wise choice in order to make sure that your workers are at full productivity. Also, during breaks they should have a comfortable environment to relax in. Leaving them standing or sending them outside for breaks is disrespectful and ultimately will work against you. Having a relaxation room, no matter the work field is an excellent choice to make sure that they reach the full potential.


This is one of the key points that define ergonomics in business. You can interpret it in many ways. For example, you should be very versatile in terms of clients and their requirements. Being inflexible and stiff will not make your products better or more elitist. Versatility can also be translated in listening to the requests of your workers. This means that you have to see what bothers them in order to correct it and to build a better working environment. In the future this will mean more money for your company.

Avoiding Injuries and Accidents

Work related injuries are events that can happen in some business fields in particular. Modern ergonomics are designed so that you can avoid these. Better safety measures will mean that in the end you will have to pay less for the work-related injuries that can occur in the work field. Also, in the softer work field that don’t imply an obvious hazard you will have a better financial outcome from having healthier employees. One of the main reasons why ergonomics was implemented in many fields in order to avoid cardiovascular diseases in the young employees.