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The Best Ergonomic Chairs for the Office

As technology advances it seems that men and women are spending more and more time sitting down in from of their computers. Office jobs are becoming more and more numerous with nearly every company in the world operating online in some form or another. We now spend hours of our days sat in the office and without the proper seating this can cause serious problems for many, aches, pains, RSI, it can even affect your sleeping and eventually your mental health too. The importance a good ergonomic chair can’t be undervalued so let’s take a look at some of the top-rated ones on the current market.

Herman Miller Embody

This chair is very popular amongst office workers and it’s easy to see why. The chair has a unique design in which the back, labelled the ‘exoskeleton’, actually moves to the shape of your body in order to correct your posture and reduce lower back pressure in order to minimise pain caused. The cover is designed with a highly breathable material that encourages the circulation of oxygen and air so there will be no worry of overheating. Finally, it comes with some excellent ergonomic features designed to keep your spine healthy, reducing pressure on it and even helping to minimise the loss of fluid from the discs. The chair comes at a high price but it’s a price that’s certainly worth paying to keep yourself healthy.

Steelcase Gesture

If you’re looking for a highly adjustable and customisable ergonomic chair then you may want to look at the Steelcase Gesture. This chair is great because it is so adaptable, particularly when it comes to fitting to body types. Not everyone is average size and this chair will certainly accommodate accordingly. They host an exclusive technology named ‘LiveBack’ that actually copies movements made by your spine and neck in order to fit perfectly to your shape. Just to top it all off, this chair has received several awards from top medical institutions for its unique features.

Haworth Zody

The Haworth Zody chair is perhaps the least conspicuous on least, it will fit in to any office or boardroom without arousing too much attention, should that be considered an issue when purchasing. Though that isn’t the only benefit of this chair, it also has a number of great features that focus on curing problems that exist in you neck and back. There is an attachable pad that will also help to prevent future issues such as a slipped disc. The arms are also adjustable meaning that any RSI issue can also be addressed too.

Alera Elusion

If it’s affordability you’re after the Alera Elusion Swivel Chair is the one for you. We can’t all afford to purchase the best in show but that doesn’t mean we should have to suffer. This chair may not boast all of the features that one of a higher price might afford you however it still focuses on comfort and relief. It’ll still support your back and also your legs too with a breathable fabric that’ll also keep you cool. Don’t turn your nose up at this great deal.