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How to Incorporate Ergonomics in Your Website Design

The design of your website is probably one of the most key aspects to making a successful and productive website. Ergonomics is a science that has been used to make our lives more comfortable and is now being used in technology and design. There are many books and articles on how to make your website more appealing but there are also some ergonomics principles that you should have in mind in order to truly make your website design a success and to maintain happy users.

The Home Page

The home page of every website should have the main points and services of the business or person that the site is for. A good color grid and a well-thought out home button are key for the easiness of use. Just think of some of the earliest websites that appeared on the internet, they were difficult and frustrating to use due to the fact that the home page button or the menu button were not yet invented. Now that we have them, use them properly. The home page should also have some general information about what you do or what you have to offer. These are key in making your site appealing to the eye and easy to use from the first glance.

The Menu

No matter the purpose of your website, your menu should be very clear and straightforward. Even if you are selling, let’s say, the latest technological products in the field, you may have a problem with people identifying the products and services. Divide your content into relevant sections that would make navigation on the website easier for the user. Highlight the important matters of what you have to offer and from that point on think of how you would want to see the menu on a similar website. Understand the necessities of your clients and work with that.


Even if your website is simple, navigation can sometimes turn out very difficult if you don’t pay attention. Look at the most successful websites, part of their success in the beginning was due to the fact that they were very easy to use, and navigation was possible even for people that were not very skilled at using a computer. On each page you should have a home button that would make going back to the home page easy instead of clicking on the back button again and again. Also, if you have many products listed on the same page, make sure that you have a fast scroll-up button that would help your viewers get to the top of the page fast. Avoid too many pop-ups, you may want to remind users of something, but do not bombard them with it over and over again.


Keep it simple and clean. Excessive colors or a poor combination of them will make your website unappealing and automatically all your services and products will not look as tempting. Find a balance between color and shapes and see what is the most comfortable and beautiful for the eye.