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Ergonomic Items to Support You in the Workspace

Ergonomic Gadgets to Keep you Comfy

If you work long hours in the office, slaving away over the keyboard and constantly clicking away at that mouse of yours they you’ll no doubt have come across some of the aches and pains that go along with the territory. Bad backs, achy joints and RSI are just a few of the issues and though it may seem like you’ve got a cushy living in sat at desk all day these are problems that we should all take seriously if we hope to remain healthy and functional. We’ve piled together a list of gadgets and devices that will help you remain comfy and provide you with the support you need whilst at work, see what you think.

Kensington SmartFit Conform Back Rest – Not everyone can afford a top of the line ergonomic desk chair unless they’re at the lofty heights of CEO. This can seem brutally unfair when you’re breaking your back to hit your latest deadline for someone far below their paygrade. Well worry not dear reader now you don’t need to worry about your seated discomfort thanks to the Kensington SmartFit Back Rest. This rest lets you convert your everyday office chair into an ergonomic chair, it simply attaches to the back and gives you the support your lumbar and spine have been craving. It does this by using two panels which rest on four individual springs and can be adjusted for a fit that’s perfect for you.

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard – For those who type away at that keyboard all day at work problems can soon develop in the hands, wrists and arms thanks to the layout of your bog-standard keyboard. Feel those joints rest at ease with this ergonomic keyboard from computing powerhouse Microsoft. The Sculpt has a split keyboard layout with an arched shape that keeps the hands and arms in a comfortable, relaxed position which significantly lowers the risk of repetitive strain injury. The keyboard is also wireless which means you can place it in the perfect position for your own arm length. What more, the numeric keypad actually comes as a separate piece so that right handed users can operate their mouse at a more accessible position, ensuring you have the most stress-free experience possible.

Logitech MX Master – Did you know that the shape of your mouse can actually cause issues in your hand and wrist? Not only that but there are certain features a mouse can offer beyond its shape to help further ease any stress on these areas. The Logitech MX Master is wireless mouse that isn’t just designed to help your hand rest comfortably but has many of these features too. These features include a speed adaptive scrolling wheel that allows you to scroll through documents easily without having awkwardly move your arm up and down as well as a thumb wheel on its side which allows you to scroll from side to side without stress too.