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Ergonomics On the Screen


Those who regularly work with computers or other devices are undoubtedly familiar with these problems when the eyes start to burn after a while. The neck muscles ache, and the back hurts. These are typical problems that people experience from a computer workstation. But everything might be different. An ergonomically […]

The Best Ergonomic Mouse to Ease Your Workplace Aches

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Logitech MX Vertical Here we have an ergonomic mouse that is arguably the best on the market, putting to use the many developments of the previous ergonomic mice before it. This is Logitech’s first real attempt at producing what is known as a tall mouse, don’t let that put you […]

The Most Ergonomic way to Sleep

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Sleep is so important to our lives; a bad sleep can affect everything from our posture to our brain function so there is absolutely no doubt that we should making sure that we’re getting a good night’s rest. This can easily be ruined though by factors we might not even […]

The Top Ergonomic Backpacks for 2019

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Big Shot Brand: North Face North Face are a leading brand when it comes to outdoors gear, if you’ve ever questioned their popularity then the Big Shot will quickly put you back in your place. There is likely no better bag that will allow you to be comfortable no matter […]

Ergonomics for Gamers

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If you are like me then you will agree that there is absolutely no better way on this earth to unwind like heading to you PC or games console, putting in a good game, sitting back and enjoying the ride. Maybe you’ve gone to extreme (and totally understandable) lengths in […]

Ergonomic Items to Support You in the Workspace

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Ergonomic Gadgets to Keep you Comfy If you work long hours in the office, slaving away over the keyboard and constantly clicking away at that mouse of yours they you’ll no doubt have come across some of the aches and pains that go along with the territory. Bad backs, achy […]

Current Trends in Ergonomics

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The multidisciplinary field of ergonomics is constantly evolving, and takes into account all aspects of the workplace, including engineering, industrial design, psychology, biomechanics, anthropometry, and physiology. Ergonomics is associated in everything that concerns people in the workplace and is the interaction of the worker with the physical facets that they […]

How Ergonomics Improve Efficiency

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There are many pieces of jargon that are leveled at the work place, most are irrelevant management hype, and some people cannot understand how an expensively designed chair can possibly help a companies productivity. But ergonomics is not one of those meaningless jargon words, far from it. Why Bother with […]

Ergonomics and the Alexander Technique

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When we look at what ergonomics is really all about, the dictionary tells us that it is the study of the workplace and how its equipment can be designed to offer better productivity, efficiency, safety, and comfort. The difference between this description and the definition of what the Alexander Technique […]

The Use of Ergonomics in Business

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Business is a competitive and fast pace environment, whether you own a business or work for one you know that staying on top of your game is both difficult and essential. The competition is so high that you always have to strive to be better and better. Ergonomics started as […]