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Current Trends in Ergonomics

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The multidisciplinary field of ergonomics is constantly evolving, and takes into account all aspects of the workplace, including engineering, industrial design, psychology, biomechanics, anthropometry, and physiology. Ergonomics is associated in everything that concerns people in the workplace and is the interaction of the worker with the physical facets that they […]

How Ergonomics Improve Efficiency

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There are many pieces of jargon that are leveled at the work place, most are irrelevant management hype, and some people cannot understand how an expensively designed chair can possibly help a companies productivity. But ergonomics is not one of those meaningless jargon words, far from it. Why Bother with […]

Ergonomics and the Alexander Technique

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When we look at what ergonomics is really all about, the dictionary tells us that it is the study of the workplace and how its equipment can be designed to offer better productivity, efficiency, safety, and comfort. The difference between this description and the definition of what the Alexander Technique […]