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How Ergonomics Determine New Products

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Perhaps looking to see how ergonomics determine new products, it would be easier to ask if a particular product is ergonomic or not? Many products for sale today carry labels to define if something is ergonomically friendly or not. But just who is that product ergonomic for? And just because […]

The Use of Ergonomics in Business

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Business is a competitive and fast pace environment, whether you own a business or work for one you know that staying on top of your game is both difficult and essential. The competition is so high that you always have to strive to be better and better. Ergonomics started as […]

Developments and Changes in Our Understanding of Ergonomics

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The world around us is moving and developing with a speed that has never been seen before. New rules for safety and quality of the workplace and home come in every year in order to make the overall life around us better and safer. Ergonomics have always been on our […]

Tips for Using Smartphone Ergonomically


Smartphones are a part of everyday life. Many use their smartphones for business and leisure activities such as playing games, watching Netflix movies or sports on Fubo TV. The tiny devices make for good communication, ways to be entertained, and a way for children to even stay occupied for a […]

The History of Ergonomics

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Ergonomics can be defined as a “good fit” between the man and a tool used in order to make something. Of course, this is a very general definition and ergonomics extends to all fields that surround our daily lives. Not only do we see it used in tools but in […]

How to Incorporate Ergonomics in Your Website Design

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The design of your website is probably one of the most key aspects to making a successful and productive website. Ergonomics is a science that has been used to make our lives more comfortable and is now being used in technology and design. There are many books and articles on […]

The Use of Ergonomics in Modern Technology

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The world today is at the highest peak of technology and development since the birth of humanity. We have never had such a level of comfort and technological advancement in the palm of our hands, our homes, and in business. And ergonomics can be defied as a science that studies […]

The Checklist for Industrial Ergonomics Design

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Where do you start when you are asked to produce an ergonomically designed work space? Well professional designers would probably say the first step is evaluating what the space is going to be used for and then how to get the best out of it. But the absolute best way […]

Human Ergonomics

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The definition of ergonomics is the study of the workplace and the environment that surrounds it, and what equipment can be used for the safety, comfort, and productivity of the people that use it. The Alexander Technique is slightly different in that it studies the human body and how that […]